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Fantasy - Hull's Biggest Lap Dancing Bar

Welcome to 'Fantasy'
Hull's newest and biggest lap dancing bar!

Welcome to Hull's biggest lap dancing bar.
We have 5 poles on our unique stage.
A luxurious VIP and champagne area.
A large private dance area.
Large bar stocking a variety of spirits, lagers, alcopops,
soft drinks, wines & champagnes.
Opening Times                               Admission
Tue: 9pm-3am                                   Free Entry
Wed: 9pm-3am                                 Free Entry
Thur: 9pm-3am                                  3
Fri: 9pm-4am                                     3 before 11pm /
                                                            5 after.
Sat: 8pm-4am                                   3 before 11pm /
                                                            5 after.

41-65 George Street
07931 661805

This site is currently under construction.
Please add us to your favourites and check back soon!

41-65 George Street